Should I Keep Hail Damage Insurance Check?

Auto Hail Damage will seriously reduce the value of your vehicle. If your vehicle is paid for the choice to repair the damage is yours.  If you do not repair the vehicle and you cash the Hail Damage Insurance Check, you are settling your claim for the amount of the estimate.
Keep in mind the actual amount of repairs are usually substantially higher than the original estimate from your insurance company.

If you don’t fix your car you are at risk down the road!  Any previous Hail Damage Insurance Check can be deducted from future claims for previous damaged unrepaired panels.
You’re still paying the same for full coverage but really only getting partial coverage.

It is always best to get your auto hail damage repaired sooner than later. If you spend the money and wait you may limit your ability to use paintless dent repair or even risk a possible total loss of your vehicle due to the total damages from multiple hail storms.

Hail damage will also seriously reduce the resale value of your car.  It may be tempting to keep the insurance money. However, even if you don’t care about how your car looks, hail damage can cut the value of your car by 1/3 or more, so in the end you will lose money if your car wasn’t repaired.

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