Will a auto hail damage claim increase my insurance premiums?

Hail damage is recorded as a comprehensive claim and is at no fault to you. Comprehensive claims and ‘random acts of God’ do not affect most policy premiums. Most insurance companies do not raise premiums or deductibles for “individuals” filing a claim due to hail or wind damage. Insurance premiums already take into account hail-prone areas and are not computed on a ‘per-insured’ basis. It is not the same as an auto accident.

It can depend upon your state’s laws and insurance carrier’s ratings system, but generally comprehensive claims of this nature don’t affect your rates. There are even some states that don’t allow surcharges for comprehensive claims or claims where you are not at fault. If you have questions you should always check with your insurer.

Filing a claim will not raise your personal insurance premiums but it might however raise the areas premiums from new customers. If an area has had many hail storms in the last few years it might raise insurance premiums all together but your personal claim has very little to nothing to do with that. They will not raise your premiums because they can’t, by law. It is considered an act of nature and cannot count against you. Filing a claim is the reason we have insurance in the first place, so not filing a claim is unfair to you, the policy holder.

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